Welcome to Lakson International Development

Lakson.solutionsLakson International Development is a Montreal-based engineering company that specializes in the design and development of new technological processes for use in renewable “green” energy projects.

Lakson’s solutions include processes for:

  • the valorization of biomass for thermal and other uses
  • the conditioning of municipal (e.g. MSW) and industrial sludge for waste reduction purposes
  • all aspects of biomass combustion
  • related systems for the production of heat/steam (including boilers, dryers, furnaces etc.) and electricity (cogeneration plants)


Our solutions can be used to condition the following into a value-added product:

  • residual waste produced by the forestry and agricultural industry
  • sludge derived from pulp & paper plants and wastewater treatment plants
  • municipal solid waste (MSW)


Together with its associates, Lakson provides services to its clients for every step of the project development: from process research, feasibility and engineering studies, to project implementation and commissioning.