About Us

Lakson International Development is an engineering company that specializes in energy sector. Since its founding in 1998, Lakson has pioneered a number of solutions for:

  • the valorization of biomass for thermal and other uses
  • the conditioning of municipal (e.g. MSW) and industrial sludge for waste reduction purposes
  • all aspects of biomass combustion
  • related systems for the production of heat/steam (including boilers, dryers, furnaces etc.) and electricity (cogeneration plants)


We design and integrate innovative and proven technologies to respond to the needs of our clients in industries, public institutions, municipalities, farms etc.

Our processes are used worldwide to generate process heat/steam and electricity economically. By replacing fossil fuels, these processes will also reduce a plant’s emissions of greenhouse gases.

Well aware of the rapid changes in the technological landscape of the energy industry, Lakson supports clients in their energy strategy, from the design of optimal solutions to full implementation. Lakson is continuously improving on existing designs to increase efficiencies.

Our work is based on: respect for our clients’ interest, rigor and creativity.

Lakson is specialized in projects involving the following equipment and systems:

  • Conversion of boilers, dryers, furnaces and heating units to biomass use
  • District heating networks
  • Biomass Cogeneration systems
  • Steam network, condensate, process water, heat exchangers, other thermal systems etc.


Our team is committed to contributing to innovative uses of local energy resources, while designing efficient systems that reduce the primary energy demands of thermal processes.

Consult our news section for more information on our most recent work.