Our Team

Founded in 1998, Lakson boasts of a number of professionals with a wide range of experience in the field of thermal engineering. Over the years, Lakson has developed strategic alliances with a number of consulting, research groups, manufacturers and projects developers.

Simo Lakhmiri  

Our team is managed by Mr. Lakhmiri, a thermal expert specialized in the design and engineering of complete thermal and chemical systems, such as, waste-to-energy, heat and power generation and water treatment systems.

About.us.Our.Team.1With a background in mechanical engineering, Mr. Lakhmiri has led an international career with a number of large international firms in the energy and chemical industry. As president of Lakson, Mr. Lakhmiri has participated in a number of biomass conditioning and combustion projects. In fact, he is also the holder of several patents related to these activities.

His curriculum vitae attests to his implication in:

    • the development of a large WTE cogeneration project in China – see picture of the trade mission;
    • large engineering projects, including power and cogeneration plants, fertilizing plants, desalination plants, oil & gas projects etc.
    • conceptual design of a variety of conditioning and combustion systems;
Trade Mission
Trade Mission in China (2001) – Mr. Lakhmiri (second from left, seated)

Sami Lakhmiri

With his many years with us, Sami, who also holds an MBA, is a director at Lakson. In addition to his management responsibilities, Sami serves several essential roles in the company; Financial Analyst and R&D Technician are just two examples. Sami has led several tests and supervised several installations, including in Canada, France and China.

Christian Langlois

Mr. Langlois is a senior chemical engineer with over 30 years experience in international markets, for both the public and private sectors, with a particular emphasis in the treatment of toxic gases, such as: Ozone, Chlorine, Hydrogen Sulfide and as well as other Volatile Organic Compounds. As a consultant for Lakson, Christian leads the design of processes for the treatment of effluents and other chemical processes.

Said Samih

Chemichal Engineer, PhD and researcher at École Polytechnique, Said brings extensive expertise as a consultant for Lakson, particularly in chemical, water treatment and energy processes.