Waste to Energy Plant

Lakson International Development was given a mandate to prepare a pre-feasibility study for a waste to energy  plant with a capacity of 1000 Tons/day and 70 MW electrical generation combine cycle plant using natural gas and municipal waste. The plant is to be located in Mexico.

Activated Carbon Plant

February 2016-Lakson Canada was created to continue the mandate to perform  basic engineering for the Activated Carbon plant in three locations

  1. Chambord
  2. La Baie
  3. Alma

January 2016-Lakson International Development initiated basic engineering for the Activated Carbon plant in 3 locations in Saguenay.

December 2015-Lakson International Development was given the mandate of creating an entity to perform basic engineering for a 10,000 Ton/year plant of activated carbon from peat and wood.

December 2014-Lakson International Development reached an agreement to develop the process necessary for the production of activated carbon from peat and from wood. During the year 2015 Lakson had developed with its associates a proprietary process to produce activated carbon from wood and peat.

Chauffage Saint- Malo

September 2015-Lakson International Development received mandate to continue the performance of the EPC for Chauffage St.  Malo in Quebec City that will be able to convert the district heating system from gas firing to wood pellet firing. The plant will also be able to produce its own wood pellet necessary for heating. The company will be able to sell the balance of the wood pellets (30,000 Tons/year) to international buyers.  Lakson will undertake the complete Engineering, Procurement and Construction of the pellet production of up to 30,000 Tons/year and 8000 briquettes.


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Projet de valorisation de la biomasse : Valorisation énergétique et production de bio-fertilisant Équipe projet, de gauche à droite: Alain Brasseur, Smail Ouicher, Simo lakhmiri, Adiba Lalhou

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Valorization of biomass project: Waste to Energy and production of bio-fertilizers Project team, from left to right: Alain Brasseur, Smail Ouicher, Simo Lakhmiri, Adiba Lalhou

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Installation of Chicken Manure Conditioning Solution

September 2013 – Lakson is developing a conditioning station for a pellet manufacturer based in Abitibi, Quebec. Our solution will allow the client to transform chicken manure sourced from his farm into a dry/fine powder, which will then be used as input material in a pellet press. This project will allow the client to reuse and valorize his biomass waste; by displacing sawdust sourced from third parties, the conditioning station will also help the client achieve feedstock autonomy for his pellet line.

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Conversion of District Heating Plant to Biomass Use

June 2012 – Lakson is involved, together with its associates, in Chauffage Saint-Malo’s biomass conversion project. Chauffage Saint-Malo is a district heating plant in the heart of Quebec City. The plant supplies steam for both heating and process to a number of industries and institutions in the vicinity through its intricate steam pipe network. The plant had originally fired fuel oil and natural gas in its boilers. The project entails the installation of a complete biomass conditioning and combustion system, including dust and...

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Sludge Treatment Solution for Pulp & Paper Mill

August 2010 – Lakson was involved, together with its associates, in the development of a sludge conditioning system in Albany, New York. Our system is used to treat a combination of pulp & paper sludge and wastewater-derived sludge, and thus avoid expensive and unsustainable land-filling. After undergoing a preliminary treatment in belt compressors, the sludge is sent to our conditioning unit, where it is grinded and dewatered into a pathogen-free powder. Our drying approach is energy efficient, consuming roughly a third of the...

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Wood Conditioning Solution for Pellet Line

May 2009 – In collaboration with its associates, Lakson was involved in the development of the conditioning solution for a pellet plant in Okinawa, Japan. This plant grinds and dries wood waste, including lumber scraps and damaged wood; the resulting product is used as feedstock in a complete pellet production line. Our solution produces a fine/dry wood powder that is suitable material for the process’ pelletizing equipment. Once in pellet form, the bio-fuel is sent to a nearby power plant, where it is co-fired with coal to produce...

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