12MW Biomass to Energy Plant

Lakson International Development Inc. is proud to conclude, in February 2020, a mandate for performing the basic engineering for a 12-megawatt biomass power plant to be located in Martinique.

Lakson introduces its innovative technology for conditioning and transforming of several types of biomass whereby they are reduced to a fine dry powder that feeds its suspension firing burners equip high pressure steam boiler systems, generating superheated steam that drives a turbo-generator producing electricity.

The biomass grown locally in Martinique, once harvested and conditioned, feed the power plant the year longue.  Conditioned biomass delivered directly on site reduces greatly the cost of transportation, storage and logistics while promoting labour and the local circular economy, replacing oil and reducing greenhouse gases.

In the next steps, Lakson and associates will assist in financial structuring, detailed engineering, and the supply of equipment, construction (EPCM) and other services enabling the client to carry out the project as rapidly, reliably, economically environment friendly as possible.