1400 MW oil fired power plant

Lakson News Nov. 2020

Front end engineering for 1400 MW Oil Fuel fired Power Plant

Lakson has performed the Project front end engineering initial activities, on behalf of the Owner for 1400 MW Steam Power Plant Project utilizing the vast experience of its associates  to meet the initial activity of the mega project in Iraq for its client in Abu Dhabi in a record of time.

The purpose of the Power Plant is to consume the heavy fuel oil come out inevitably from a Refinery`s process as by-product, and generate electrical power as value added product through the present Power Plant.

The plan to prepare a ground for the EPC Contractor to take action on project management, basic & detail design, supply of 4 boilers feeding 4 steam turbine generator and other balance of plant equipment and manage the subcontractors, prepare the ground for construction works for civil, building and equipment installation including, in a later stage commissioning, test and the necessary years O&M Service.

The initial activities of the design phase Lakson has achieved with its associates a compilation of a Design Brief based upon the proposed design. These documents are in the process of comprehensively reviewed by the Project Owner, together with the Engineering Manager and Lead Discipline Engineers which shall lead to further tasks to be fulfilled  

The next steps and Phases

  • Detailed engineering
  • Procurement Services
  • Preparation of Vendor List
  • Preparation of RFQs
  • Technical Evaluation of Bids
  • Request for Purchase Order
  • Inspection
  • Expediting