Our Services

  • Front end engineering
  • Diagnostic studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Process development
  • Basic engineering
  • Develop business plant
  • Supply of equipment
  • Process development
  • Project evaluation and estimation
  • Engineering Procurement Construction management   
  • Financial analysis and projection
  • Risk analysis and mitigations
  • Environment study
  • Financial structuring
  • Economical enhancement
  • Economical country survey and development recommendations
  • Technological development

Also special purpose services

Complete Process & Equipment:

Lakson diagnostic how your process functions as a whole, as well as individual pieces of equipment, in order to identify operational bottlenecks, improve online availability, and address regulatory compliance issues.

In addition to valuable data collection, audits provide a comprehensive report including short and long-term recommendations.

Process Optimization & Testing:

Lakson offer full process design modeling capabilities to fine-tune existing systems, or evaluate a system’s ability to handle a change in production capacity or other new process requirements.


Lakson can custom design for manufacturing a retrofit solution to integrate into your process, resolving identified process or operational issues