Today’s Energy Context

Our society is based on complex supply chains, whose operation are mainly dependent on energy. From heating, to transportation, and most industrial activities – even our daily food supply; all these depends on energy.

Our current energy infrastructure weighs heavily on the environment, and is the primary factor in its degradation. Whether climate change, smog, acid rain or nuclear radiation, the effects of our current energy habits are a menace to our society’s well-being and sustainability.

Moreover, major sources of energy, such as fossil fuels, are finite in supply and face increasing cost of extraction going forward. These increasing costs are expected to exert a long-term upward pressure on the price of fossil fuels.

Clean and renewable energies act as a counterbalance to this trend; for this reason, they have a great appeal for heavy energy consumers in a variety of industries, in many countries. At the same time, public institutions everywhere have a need for technologies that are capable of managing various forms of waste in a sustainable manner.

This growing demand for alternative clean energies has propelled Lakson’s efforts in designing and developing innovative green energy solutions. Lakson is dedicated to the development of a new energy infrastructure that is both environmentally-friendly and economically competitive.