Convert Heating Systems to Biomass

Lakson awarded via Bio-Énergie Nord Inc. (BEN) with a project to convert heating systems to biomass at the CEN research station (and other commercial buildings to follow) in the greater northern Quebec region. The facility will use innovative technology developed by Lakson to use biomass for fully automated, fully integrated, unattended, and highly efficient heating… Continue reading Convert Heating Systems to Biomass

International bioenergy congress-Brussels 

Lakson International, through its affiliate Opting Solutions Inc., contributed successfully in the international bioenergy congress Brussels represented by its President M. Simo Lakhmiri, accompanied with Vice president Francois Yves Thibault.  M. Simo Lakhmiri, the president of Lakson International Co. They presented various know how and innovations in the field of valorization of organic waste, whether… Continue reading International bioenergy congress-Brussels 

Wastewater Treatment

Lakson completed phase 1 for the wastewater treatment project implementing its intellectual property methodology. The project includes removing oil and grease, recovering products while treating the wash water for reuse, recycling the clean stream for washing purposes extracting suspended solid parts to be valorized producing valuable products.

Production of Biochar

Since 1998 we have helped multiple wood industries municipalities around the world improve their environments with value-added solutions.  Lakson has been focusing on waste valorisation including biomass plastic/tire/rubber recycling, oil sludge treatment, paper recycling, and sewage sludge management. Along with the increasingly technical-strength and a favourable market environment created in Canada and the international arena, Lakson and associates have developed… Continue reading Production of Biochar