International bioenergy congress-Brussels 

Lakson International, through its affiliate Opting Solutions Inc., contributed successfully in the international bioenergy congress Brussels represented by its President M. Simo Lakhmiri, accompanied with Vice president Francois Yves Thibault. 

M. Simo Lakhmiri, the president of Lakson International Co,  in the international bioenergy congress Brussels.
M. Simo Lakhmiri, the president of Lakson International Co.

They presented various know how and innovations in the field of valorization of organic waste, whether from forest, municipal or other residual sources, to a number of value-added derivatives including biofuel, biosolids , syngas , bio oil,  H2 (hydrogen), CH4 (methane) and other valuable end-products, including but not limited to BIO-Fertilizer. 

Today, Lakson and its affiliates are involved in major power conversion projects to biomass, many of which concern upgrading existing installations with a minimum of interventions or modification in order to fire or combust (renewal energy) residuals, displacing fossil fuels and decreasing the carbon foot print of numerous industries 

Lakson actively collaborates with a number of universities across the world, bringing its innovative approach to support an environmentally friendly, viable and economic transition towards green energy and agriculture projects. 

Upstream and down stream of digesters, we bring various solutions including the conditioning of residues from the operations into useful components, such as biosolids to be fired in suspension/semi gasification technologies with a controled, highly modulated, high intensity flame with near instantaneous turn-down / ramp-up capabilities .

The International bioenergy congress came to a conclusion with a significant amount of valuable connections and network growth of large potential end-users and collaborators in a world starving for green energy.