Poultry Manure to organic fertilizer in Quebec, Canada

Lakson has signed collaboration with major German company affiliates to develop bio fertilizers, and organic fertilizers from various organic municipal waste and agriculture organic waste to valorize the organic part and produce enriched NPK at various form and percentages concentrations. In March last  year  Lakson already performed the basic engineering for two units of the aforementioned 7 TPH fertilizer production plant using our system along with the supply of a granular system together with Biomass-Fired Hot Air Generator that would be used to heat the storage areas for the raw material and conditioned product. The plant will also be equipped with odor removal system and compact.

Over the past decades, Lakson International Development Inc. (hereby referred to as “Lakson”) has done tremendous research and development and conducted countless analyses and tests, to develop the process and the intellectual property needed to dewater and condition several types of biomass and organic waste into a fine and dry powder that can then be used to generate heat and power or to produce a wide array of products such as fuels and organic fertilizers.

One of the types of biomass that we have been developing is poultry manure. For most farmers and agro-industries, manure is considered as waste and an added expense to their operation due to the costs of either its disposal or treatment. However, through Lakson’s own technology, poultry manure can be conditioned, enriched, transformed and valorized into new products, such as bio-fuel and organic fertilizer with high content of NPK, therefore opening the door to an extra source of revenue.

At the heart of Lakson’s solution is its technological innovation for the conditioning of biomass: Our Biomass Conditioning System; a technology that can not only grind and dry poultry manure that can render it more stable, but enriched and mixing homogenous, with pathogen-free and reduce its odour and volume, to be handled in a more practical and economical way, while avoiding greenhouse gas emissions and conserving the nutrients of the biomass.

Our solution leads to the production of highly calorific and nutrient-rich biomass powder, which can then be pelletized into bio-fuel and/or organic fertilizer, among other products. It is important to note that our solution releases no emissions except for a mist, due to the evaporation of the water contained in the manure.