Production of Biochar

Since 1998 we have helped multiple wood industries municipalities around the world improve their environments with value added solutions. 

Lakson has been focusing on waste valorisation including biomass plastic/tire/rubber recycling, oil sludge treatment, paper recycling, and sewage sludge management.

Along with the increasingly technical-strength and a favourable market environment created in Canada and international arena, Lakson and associates has developed high level of technologies with the ability of research and development, in waste recycling and valorisation systems.

  • Advanced technological innovation
  • Environment protection systems
  • Cost effective high economic performance
  • A comprehensive scope of application

Lakson wood chips, sawdust, bio-char production process is able to turn wood residues sawdust to high-quality charcoals and exert no harms to the environment.

Since 2012 Lakson has been transforming biomass including wood residues to a high commercial potential values recycling these to produce bio char and activated carbon or to produce briquette charcoal.