Production of Biochar

Since 1998, Lakson has been a leading provider of value-added solutions, assisting numerous wood industry municipalities worldwide in enhancing their environments. Our focus at Lakson lies in waste valorization, encompassing a range of processes such as biomass plastic/tire/rubber recycling, oil sludge treatment, paper recycling, and sewage sludge management.

Benefiting from our technical expertise and the favorable market conditions in Canada and internationally, Lakson and its associates have achieved remarkable advancements in waste recycling and valorization systems. Our commitment to research and development has enabled us to develop cutting-edge technologies in this field.

Key highlights of Lakson’s offerings include:

  • Advanced technological innovation for efficient waste management
  • Environmentally friendly protection systems
  • Cost-effective solutions with high economic performance
  • A versatile scope of application

Our wood chips, sawdust, and biochar production process stands out for its ability to convert wood residues into high-quality charcoals without causing harm to the environment.

Since 2012, Lakson has been at the forefront of biomass transformation, unlocking its commercial potential by recycling wood residues to produce biochar, activated carbon, and briquette charcoal.