Sludge Treatment Solution for Pulp & Paper Mill

Albany.PlantAugust 2010 – Lakson was involved, together with its associates, in the development of a sludge conditioning system in Albany, New York. Our system is used to treat a combination of pulp & paper sludge and wastewater-derived sludge, and thus avoid expensive and unsustainable land-filling.

After undergoing a preliminary treatment in belt compressors, the sludge is sent to our conditioning unit, where it is grinded and dewatered into a pathogen-free powder. Our drying approach is energy efficient, consuming roughly a third of the energy used by conventional dryers.

Our process is electrically driven and does not rely on any external heat source; as such, there are no emissions to treat in our solution.

This project was selected in the finals of the 2012 edition of Concours Énergia, organised by the Québec Association for Energy Management (AQME).