Activated Carbon Production

As early as 2000, Lakson International Development has been developing various systems for conditioning and combustion of biomass including wood and peat moss.  In 2010 Lakson was involved in studies related to peat moss valorization and to find ways to condition and combust peat and biomass by a large Canadian company.

In 2013 Lakson was given a mandate to study potential conditioning and combustion of peat moss. The tests were performed and the results were gathered and analyzed. Lakson realized the potential of using wood waste and peat in various applications including activated carbon.

From December 2014, Lakson International Development has continued working on developing the process of producing activated carbon.  Together with its associates Lakson is capable of providing solutions to manufacture activated carbon, including mechanical design, process design, equipment selection, procurement and project management. The raw material to produce activated carbon can range from wood, peat, coal, coconut shells, walnut shells and olive pits.