Biomass Cogeneration

Our heating solutions can be used in a cogeneration process, to produce a combination of heat and electricity from biomass. This type of solution is extremely energy-efficient and is of great benefit to energy-intensive industries, which require both heat and electricity for process use.

The excess electricity may be sold to existing utility companies, while any excess heat may be sold to neighboring industries or to a district heating system, thereby producing additional revenues to the client.


In general, a biomass CHP plant allows the client to:

  • produce green energy at a competitive cost; reduce emissions from fossil-fuel originating energy;
  • be independent from the surrounding fossil-fuel energy infrastructure; decentralize electrical production
  • take advantage of readily available, low-cost biomass sources.


Our solutions are typically geared towards CHP plants with an electrical capacity ranging between 0.5 and 20 MWe. Lakson has developed several approaches for its biomass cogeneration processes:

  • Steam turbine process, using steam produced by firing biomass in a boiler system;
  • Gas turbine process, using syngas produced from the gasification of biomass
  • Heat recovery methods in an existing biomass plant, using the ORC;
  • A combination of these approaches.