Our burning systems are part of our integrated heating processes. We can provide a complete solution from biomass fuel storage to heat/steam production, having low capital requirements and according to our client’s specifics needs.

Depending on the type of biomass at the client’s disposal, our solution may integrate a biomass conditioning phase, in order to improve the quality of the fuel upstream of the combustion phase, and to increase the thermal efficiency of the global process.


Our burning solutions can easily be retrofitted – at little cost – into existing boilers, furnaces, dryers and other heat-demanding equipment. This application allows the client to substitute the use of fossil fuels in his existing installation and, therefore, reduce fuel costs and carbon emissions from fossil-originating energy. This reduction in GHG emissions may give rise to carbon credits, which could be sold by the client for a revenue stream.

In particular, our burning solutions can be used in a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant, to produce electricity in a cogeneration process.

Lakson has also developed a patented technology by which it is possible to use biomass in a process to heat occupied spaces, which could be applied to mining industries.