Our Solutions – Dust Combustion

Our dust burning technology efficiently burns the dry/fine biomass powder produced by our conditioning process. The biomass is typically conditioned to a moisture content of less than 10% and particle size of 1 mm.

The hybrid dust burner can be installed on the wall of a boiler, a dryer, a combustion chamber or other heat-demanding equipment. The Lakson solution regulates the flow of biomass powder to the combustion system.

This type of solution is endowed with the same efficiency and flexibility of operation as conventional gas or heavy oil burners. The dust burner may still burn fossil fuel as an auxiliary fuel. This offers a security of operation in the event that the availability of biomass powder is suddenly interrupted.

The dust burning technology is superior to other forms of biomass combustion. By using a relatively dry fuel, the dust burner can reach a higher thermal efficiency, as less energy is wasted on latent heat.

The combustion parameters are easily controlled with our solution, and therefore the emissions can be reduced to a much lower level than that of other technologies. Our combustion processes can be used economically for heat capacity going from 10 MMBtu/hr to more than 300 MMBtu/hr.