Our Solutions – Pellet Combustion

Our thermal solutions can also use biomass pellet burners to provide heat from pellets.

These solutions are typically designed for small and medium capacities – up to 10 MMBtu/hr – and can be installed on the wall of a boiler, a dryer, a combustion chamber or other heat-demanding equipment.

The combustion of pellets in dedicated pellet burners offers many of the advantages of the dust burner, in terms of thermal efficiency, combustion control, ash release, particulate emissions etc.

Because pellets have a higher volumetric density than biomass powder, pellet combustion solutions will reduce transportation cost and material handling/storage size.

Given that the pellet market is well established, the sourcing of pellets from external suppliers is more straightforward, as compared to other forms of biomass. Conversely, if the pellets are produced on-site, the excess production of pellets may be easily sold to other users.