Sludge Treatment

Sludge effluents from the municipal sector (e.g. sludge from wastewater treatment plants) and from the paper-making industry (e.g. de-inking sludge) constitute a major challenge for waste management worldwide.

Common sludge management practices of land-filling and land-application are under increased environmental scrutiny and are becoming increasingly costly.

Sludge material usually has very high moisture content, making it difficult to treat. Moreover, in the case of municipal sludge, the material also has a high concentration of pathogens which require treatment before disposal.

Lakson provides state-of-the-art solutions to grind and dewater sludge, and to destroy the presence of pathogens. The fine/dry powder produced by Lakson’s solution meets the requirements of Class A biosolids with respect to pathogen kill, and can be used in both thermal and non-thermal applications to generate revenues.