Our Solutions

Our solutions use a proven multi-step approach to grind/dewater sludge and to eliminate the presence of pathogens. The technology combines these operations into a process that uses less than a third of the energy consumed by conventional dryers.

The drying process is electrically driven and does not rely on the combustion of fuels for any heat input. There are no flue gases to treat, as in conventional dryers.

Rather, our solutions rely on mechanical forces, coupled with a recycling mechanism, to dewater sludge. The end-product of Lakson’s process is in dry/fine powder form.

The sludge powder produced by Lakson’s solution meets the requirements of Class A biosolids with respect to pathogen kill; our solution is thus ideal for the processing of wastewater sludge.

Lakson’s sludge treatment solutions have the following advantages:

  • small footprint (compact solution)
  • no carbon footprint, as no fuel is burned
  • lower capital and operational costs relative to conventional systems
  • fully automated system