The President’s Message

Relying on fundamental pillars: people, knowledge, green and sustainable development, as well as innovation, Lakson has overcome many challenges in recent years. 

Our mission is to offer the best innovative solutions, machines and systems available on the market, to use for renewable power generation, organic bio-methanisation, biogas purification, waste sorting, biomass conditioning and valorization, waste to energy and water treatment projects. We are proud to render available our experience acquired around the world to our customers by providing quality service. 

Our vision is simple and effective: contribute to and support the implementation of circular economy projects.  

With constant growth and a stable shareholder base, we continue to develop our company by reinvesting most of our profits in research & development and several emerging technologies and services. Thus, more than a third of our teams are working on the solutions of tomorrow.

Our company has created a technical and commercial locomotive with larger competent associates companies to drive our project to complete successful goal achievement

Along with our partners, and associates we share a passion for innovation, power generation, recycling, conditioning, valorization and transformation with objectives to create a common future and promote economical, ecological and sustainable solutions.

Simo Lakmiri

Lakson International Development Inc.