Update on our Pilot Project of Treating Maotai Wine Effluent

Last September, Lakson diffused news of a project in development to implement a 10m3/h pilot plant for the treatment of Maotai wine effluent in China. Since then, Lakson has procured and arranged the transportation of the process’ equipment to the site and, in early October, has sent a team to the town of Maotai, China, to erect and start-up the pilot plant.

The installation work was completed without major incident while the start-up activities were punctuated by local inherent site problems, which in the end were fortunately all solved by our on-site team. All criteria pertaining to the quality of the effluent, after its treatment in our pilot plant, was comfortably met.

Our client being satisfied with the result, he has shown interest in a second generation of Lakson’s Maotai wine effluent treatment plant; one that would be automated, more compact and an improvement over its pilot version.

In fact, our client has requested that we develop new larger treatment plants with capacities ranging from 10m3/h to 40m3/h, as well as a mobile and extremely compact plant that could fit in two containers and treat 6m3/h of effluent.

We, at Lakson, are excited about these new diverse projects and are confident that we will successfully complete them; effectively helping Maotai wine producers in treating their effluent in an efficient and economical manner and in reducing their environmental footprint.

The treatment plant during erection