Update on our project of municipal sludge treatment near Wuhan, China

It has now been more than a year since we have installed our 2nd generation patented Biomass Conditioning System (BCS 2000) for our client’s municipal sludge treatment plant near Wuhan in China. We are proud to announce that after several months of optimization, our system can now meet and even exceed its targeted throughput capacity for municipal sludge treatment. The resulting product is a fine and dry powder that is pelletized or used in its intermediary form as a bio-solid/organic fertilizer depending on raw material composition and final product requirements.

With this success, new opportunities have now been opened to us in China, and elsewhere, as we are developing new projects for the treatment of municipal sludge, industrial sludge, wood waste and municipal solid waste via processes that include our new emerging Biomass Conditioning Systems: the BCS 3000, the latest generation of BCS that can treat biomass at much higher capacities; and the BCS M500, our mobile treatment unit which can fit in a standard 40-feet container for a convenient periodic treatment operation of different sites and plants.

Figure 1 – Our Client’s Municipal Sludge Treatment Plant near Wuhan, China

Figure 2 – The BCS 2000 in Action at the Plant

Figure 3 – Fertilizer/Bio-Solids Pellets made from Conditioned Sludge